PBSI's migration experts have developed a complete conversion migration methodology to provide AS/400-iSeries users with a bridge from legacy to the .NET world ...

The Company

PBSI, founded in 1982, is a company with a successful history of: AS/400-iSeries software development; Windows-based software ...


PSBI is looking for new team members to help us introduce our .NETigration™ technology to a world-wide market. If you are an exceptionally proficient programmer, developer or architect, we would like to hear from you.


AS/400, iSeries, System i, AS400 RPG conversion and migration to .Net

A Flexible, Step-by-step Approach for Converting and Transitioning RPG Applications

Businesses with AS400, AS/400, iSeries, System i RPG applications often find that supporting their applications is increasingly costly and cumbersome with an uncertain future.

Typical reasons businesses want to find a way out of the RPG “dead-end” include:

PBSI's .Netigration process delivers high quality conversion from RPG to VB.Net or C#, and does so in a structured, flexible, step-by-step process you can manage within your own pace and budget.

Our Radial View Scatter Graph feature enables you to divide your application into pieces that can be converted and deployed in a phased manner, reducing risk and disruption, and allowing you to prove to your management that the overall process will ultimately be successful.

Contact us here to arrange an evaluation of how your RPG application is positioned for a transition to .Net.

AS/400-iSeries Extensions

PBSI realizes that many companies are committed to the iSeries platform but want to take advantage of all of the features that Windows and Web applications have to offer. Extensions allow these companies to migrate their most strategic applications to the new .NET environment while keeping back office applications and/or their database on the iSeries.

Migrations to .NET

The primary goal of a successful migration of client legacy software to a new technology environment is a complete transformation to a more contemporary hardware and software platform. PBSI specializes in system migrations, most recently focusing on the AS/400-iSeries migration to the .NET environment.

The Technology Transformation

Once the migration is completed, the .NET world opens up a whole new set of information technology possibilities: a robust and highly efficient software development environment; multiple programming languages and data bases that support interoperable processing; highly intuitive user/system interfaces; direct access to the Internet; the use of packaged software developed in Windows; the availability of system tools and utilities that monitor and measure system performance; reduced development costs to create new software.

Custom Programming Services For RPG and .Net

The core of PBSI's business has always been its custom software development services. It is PBSI's depth of talent in this area that has lead to so many successful custom systems and software products as well. PBSI has specialized in IBM Midrange platforms since 1982 and in Microsoft Windows and .NET platforms since 1992. We deliver the highest quality software for an excellent value.

At PBSI, it is not just our technical knowledge, but our broader systems management knowledge that enables us to effectively install and support large networks consisting of Windows servers and iSeries host systems.

A Serious Team Behind You

PBSI has spent years developing its RPG to .Net conversion migration technology. We've partnered with Microsoft, HP, EDS and Infosys and are backed by venture capitalists from Silicon Valley to get the best possible team behind you.

The PBSI Advantage

PBSI offers system audit services to identify applications that can be extended versus the applications that would better lend themselves to a complete migration.

The advantage to this migration approach is to concentrate on the legacy system migration while preserving the business rules that drive system functionality. PBSI prepares its client's IT staff to be self-sufficient in the new environment promptly after the migration is complete.

PBSI has specialized in providing custom software and complex systems integration on IBM Midrange computers.

In addition to IBM itself, our partial list of clients includes:

The PMI Group
The State Bar of California
Bank of America
Century Theatres